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| Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich: I am concerned.

I am getting worried. Across our great nation, Democrats are raising staggering sums of money, and I am concerned that we aren’t taking the threat of a Blue Wave seriously.

The good news is: A generous group of donors agreed to triple match all donations made todayDonate now to help President Trump and Senate Republicans get ready for 2020, and your contribution will make 3x the impact.

It’s vital that you take action as soon as possible. If we let Democrats take the lead in fundraising at this stage in the election cycle, we might never catch up, and President Trump’s Republican Senate Majority could be lost. Don’t let that happen. Make a triple-matched contribution before the End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline at midnight on March 31st.

This is the first FEC Quarterly Fundraising Deadline of 2019 – coming up short would be a major setback for the conservative movement.

We need 2,783 more dedicated conservatives to step up before the quarterly fundraising deadline, which is just 1 day away.

Time is running out!

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All donations 3x matched!

It is essential that we reach this ambitious goal; otherwise, we risk giving Democrats the lead. Step up before the deadline, and your contribution will be matched 300%.

Thanks for stepping up to advance President Trump’s conservative agenda!

Newt Gingrich