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| Nathan Brand

no leadership

As is often the case with the most unknown senator in the country, Jerry Peters’ position on the job-creating USMCA trade deal remains a mystery to Michigan voters.

Democrats have held up USMCA for more than a year, and Peters has refused to speak up to support Michigan workers. Meanwhile, businessman John James has been a strong advocate for Michigan workers and USMCA, saying last week: “When we negotiate better deals, we expect Congress to get to work, stop playing political games, and get USMCA passed.”

“Jerry Peters remains the most unknown senator in the country because he refuses to stand up for Michigan farmers, auto workers, and families,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. ” While Michigan workers and John James know USMCA means jobs, investment, and growth, Peters has failed to lead and has been silent on this new trade deal that is essential to the local economy.”

The Office of the United States Trade Representative anticipates that USMCA will create 76,000 new American auto industry jobs. USMCA has received support from Michigan small businesses and farmers.