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| Newt Gingrich

No time for partisanship

I’m sorry to bother you, but this is very urgent and there isn’t much time.


The last 3 years, Schumer and the Democrats have done everything possible to obstruct, smear, and attack the President’s conservative agenda. It is imperative that we protect President Trump’s Senate Majority, and the time is NOW. Make an immediate donation to help reach their goal before the End of Quarter Deadline at 11:59PM TONIGHT and your gift will be 5X-Matched >>>


When it comes to serving the American people, especially in times of unprecedented crisis, we need leaders who are willing to put their political agenda aside. Just last week, Democrats showed our country they were willing to block aid in order to shamelessly force leftwing policies on Americans.


If you weren’t convinced to take action before, you should be now! Help make sure that Republicans have the resources they need in 2020 by making a 5X-Matched donation before midnight tonight.


Make 5X the Impact before 11:59PM






The first MAJOR deadline of 2020 is TODAY and it is more critical than ever that we have your support to defend the President’s Senate Majority. Will you make 5X the impact with a donation to help Republicans meet their End of Quarter goal before the deadline at midnight tonight? >>>


Democrats will do whatever it takes to pass their own socialist policies. It’s never been more important for us to make sure we protect Republican leadership than now. Donate before the deadline tonight to show your support for President Trump’s Republican Senate Majority!


Thank you for supporting the Senate Republicans.

Newt Gingrich