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November Monthly Roundup

This month, we released a video reminding America of the dangers of socialism and that we are sending our best to protect the Republican Senate Majority and Hold the Line.

We also launched our podcast “20 for 20” – a political podcast that’s not really about politics. The purpose of “20 for 20” is to take 20 minutes with 2020 Senators and candidates to talk about who they are and what they love. Listen here

Into the States!


Dem Doug Jones is so doomed in his Alabama election that he couldn’t even get in to Chuck Schumer’s #WindowlessBasement.


Martha McSally is working hard for Arizonans. Her efforts to pass the Drought Contingency Plan are benefiting hard working families and prevented a potential water crisis. Now she’s continuing her fight by working to pass another bill critical to Arizona’s water supply.

We haven’t heard much from Arizona Dem challenger Mark Kelly… probably because he’s busy avoiding Arizonans in Chuck Schumer’s #WindowlessBasement.


Former Democrat candidate Josh Mahony is so under-qualified and unsuccessful, that he had to drop out of the race because he realized he’s no match for Tom Cotton.


Cory Gardner continues to work hard and get results for Colorado. Just this month, Cory received two awards – the Courage to Lead Award for his work on immigration issues, and the Congressional Champion Award for his continued passion for environmental and conservation policies.

Cory also announced several federal grants this month including:

Something we thought we’d never say about a senator: Cory was featured in a Playboy article for his efforts to decriminalize marijuana in Colorado.

Cory released a video reminding Coloradans that he will continue to fight against the socialist agenda that is trying to overrun our country.

While Cory has been delivering for Colorado, Dem candidate John Hickenlooper has been in hot water for his use of Colorado taxpayer dollars. Hickenlooper is in a downward spiral as the ethics investigation into his accepting free private plane rides from wealthy corporate “friends” as governor continues.

Reports then surfaced that Hickenlooper is using taxpayer dollars from a post 9/11 economic recovery fund to pay for his legal fees.

Hickenlooper is also upset because he thinks the media should be protecting him from reports of ethics violations and the ongoing hearing. Sorry, Hick, not really how this works.


The Democratic presidential debate came to Georgia this month and we wanted to remind the American people of David Perdue’s inspirational message that the road to socialism will never run through Georgia

David also penned an op-ed letter in the Washington Examiner about how the Democrats’ socialist agenda would destroy the American dream.

Meanwhile, we introduced voters to the “Georgia Squad.” Much like AOC’s squad, the Georgia Squad is full of candidates that are out of touch with Georgians and want to push the socialist agenda with Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.


In honor of Veterans Day, Joni Ernst released a moving video to say thank you to all the men and women who have served our nation.

Joni has been working hard to pass the Violence Against Women Act, because as a survivor herself she knows we must stand up for survivors of domestic violence and abuse.


We haven’t heard from Dem candidate Amy McGrath in months, probably because her campaign was a disaster from the moment she announced it.


Susan Collins embodies the spirit of Maine and will always put Mainers first.

Susan announced $44.6 million for transportation projects in the town of Lubec, including $19 million for Lubec to build a safe harbor to protect boats and fisherman in the bay.

Later in month, Susan announced $158 million for upgrades to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to ensure efficient maintenance and renovations to US submarines. 


John James has been serving our country and protecting Americans’ freedoms for his whole career, and he knows that kind of service to country is needed in the U.S. Senate.

Watch John’s Veterans Day interview here ⬇️


Steve Daines embodies the values and grit that Montanans deserve. He will continue to stand against the radical Left with their socialist agenda and put America first.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis marked Veterans Day by re-committing to always put our veterans first because they put the American people first.

Thom recognized the important role of veteran families too by sending a new American flag to the family of a WWII veteran whose flag was stolen from his funeral service.

Thom has also been working to limit sanctuary cities to protect North Carolina families. “These are not people who are in jail for being illegally present. They’re in jail because they committed a crime after they violated our border walls.”

Following the Democrat presidential debate in Georgia, Thom reminded North Carolinians and the country that the Dem presidential candidates can’t keep their promises and can’t be trusted.

Thom has also been instrumental in confirming Trump’s judges and continues to be a Senator who respects the Constitution and the role of judges.

Meanwhile, Cal Cunnigham has been misleading voters. For months, he has claimed that he will not take money from big corporations or “special interests,” but these claims were rated “mostly false” by Politifact.


John Cornyn passed the National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium Act that helps prepare for and respond to cybersecurity risks at the national, state, and local levels.

A new poll shows that the Texas Dem Senate primary candidates are so uninteresting that Texas Dems don’t even know who they are.