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It’s official: Democrats embrace Socialist health care takeover

This week, self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders reintroduced his single-payer “Medicare for all” health care plan. This time with what the Huffington Post calls “major support” from Senate and House Democrats.

Following the lead of Sanders, Warren, and the radical left, more than 15 Senate Democrats and more than 100 House Democrats signed on to a bill that calls for a full government takeover of American health care.

Absent from their proposal was any plan to pay for it. Research from the Urban Insitute puts the price tag at a whopping $32 trillion over 10 years. And even DNC chair Tom Perez admitted what we all know: there is no way to pay for single-payer without imposing a massive tax increase on the middle class.

The radical left is gleeful, but the rest of us know better. Single-payer would be disasterous for the economy and devastating for American families. It would force everyone to give up the insurance they already have and replace it with a slow and inefficient government bureaucracy – basically Obamacare on steroids.

Make no mistake, this is what Democrats wanted all along. Obamacare was the first step to a full government takeover of health care.

We can’t give the left an inch in this fight.

We need to send a clear message that the American people stand against socialized health care.

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