| Sami Gilkes

People Put Their Trust in the GOP in 2016, and It’s Staying There.

Americans know they're in good hands with Republicans in charge.

When asked who was more trusted, Republicans led Democrats by far. Republicans are most trusted on a wide range of issues, including jobs, the economy, immigration, health care, and energy according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

Republicans were more trusted on all of these issues:

The economy: Republicans +17%


Democrats in Congress 32%

Republicans in Congress 49%

Jobs: Republicans +18%


Democrats in Congress 32%

Republicans in Congress 50%

Health care: Republicans +4%


Democrats in Congress 39%

Republicans in Congress 43%

Energy: Republicans +2%


Democrats in Congress 38%

Republicans in Congress 40%

Pitch in today if you want to elect senators who not only work and listen to their constituents, but are trusted by the American people: