| Sami Gilkes

The Radical Party’s Most Loyal Members

As Democrats vie to take the White House in 2020, they have adopted the most radical policy platform ever. But the extremism does not end with the presidential candidates – as Senate hopefuls will support these socialist candidates should they become the nominee. The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s new digital video ads expose several 2020 candidates who will support these radical candidates.

The new ad shows Senator Doug Jones for what he is: a member of the extreme Democrat party, who sides with the most radical members of his caucus time and time again on important policy matters. Sen. Jones has outrightly pledged his support for whatever Democrat candidate receives the party nomination. With Democrat candidates supporting the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, tax hikes, and outright socialism, Sen. Jones has drawn a line between himself and Alabamians, and is completely out of touch with the state he represents. Yellowhammer News wrote:

“Even though Jones pledged to be an independent voice for Alabama in the U.S. Senate, his time in office has been marred with accusations of being ‘New York’s Third Senator’ due to his deference to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).”

Gary Peters has also proven himself to be a strong supporter of the radical party. But instead of being honest with the people of Michigan, he has attempted to dodge tough questions about Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, hiding his true beliefs from voters. Sen. Peters cannot hide his policy stances forever. In 2020, he will have to choose whether his allegiance belongs to Michiganders or his extremist party.

Democrat Senate Candidate for Arizona Mark Kelly wants to have it both ways on the Green New Deal, a hallmark proposal of the Democrats which would cost taxpayers trillions of dollars and kill thousands of jobs. Just like the Democrats who voted present in the Senate rather than actually taking a position on the Green New Deal, Mark Kelly has dutifully followed Chuck Schumer’s order to mostly keep his mouth shut. But Arizonans deserve to know what Kelly really thinks about the issues that will impact their lives and livelihoods.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire – where many of the presidential candidates have been touting their extreme plans – has not been afraid to broadcast her support for radical proposals such as Medicare for All and the elimination of private health insurance. She has also made it clear that she wants to raise Americans’ taxes in the face of record-breaking economic growth that came as a result of Republican middle-class tax cuts. Like other Democrats, she’s also avoided taking a position on the radical, job-killing Green New Deal. The people of New Hampshire deserve a senator who will fight for their interests, not walk in lockstep with Chuck Schumer.

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As these Democrats move farther and farther left, where will they go next?

Radical Democrats: once the party of the people, now the party of extremists.