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| Kate Scarola

Red state Dems try to dodge reporters’ #SCOTUS questions

Red state Democrats are in a tough position following President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, some red state Democrats are desperately dodging all questions about what position they will take.

Red state Democrats are in a no-win situation, forced to choose between angering folks at home by opposing Judge Kavanaugh or alienating the far-left supporters funding their campaigns.

The Hill reported on Tuesday that Senators Nelson, McCaskill and Heitkamp used a variety of tactics to avoid reporters’ questions:

  • When Bill Nelson was asked to comment on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, he told reporters that he was “losing his voice” and told them to “look at my statement.” However, Nelson has yet to declare his position, keeping his constituents in the dark.
  • Claire McCaskill “kept her cellphone glued to her ear” when walking through the hallways as to avoid having to answer any questions about the President’s Supreme Court nominee. Whether or not she was really on a phone call or just faking a call to seem busy, remains to be seen.
  • Heidi Heitkamp tried to fake out the media and “bolted” out of the Capitol from the first floor to avoid the reporters who waited to question Senators as they boarded the Senate subway.

Red state Democrats know that the position they take on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination could decide their political fate in November. But, try as they may, they cannot keep running out the clock, or their constituents will run out on them.