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| Donald Trump, Jr.

Refusing to act will have huge consequences

Can you help?


Senate Republicans have been close allies of my father and are doing everything they can to help Americans. I just got word they are in danger of missing their fundraising goal this quarter.


There is only 1 day left and a generous group of supporters have agreed to 5X MATCH your donation if you act NOW. Make a 500% matched donation immediately to help defend President Trump’s Senate Majority >>>


Missing this goal will make the possibility of progress halting. We CANNOT let that happen.


Rush an emergency 5x-matched donation before midnight to defend the Republican Senate Majority before midnight tonight!


Refusing to act will have massive consequences. This is one of the most critical elections in history.


IF you fail to join the fight… all our progress goes right out the window. Please don’t let me down. Stand with President Trump’s Senate Majority and make a 5x-matched donation and help them reach their End of Quarter fundraising goal!


I am counting on your support.

Donald Trump Jr.