| Sami Gilkes

Save The President’s Majority!

There are only 81 days left until Election Day and we are behind where we need to be. There isn’t much time left for us to catch up to the Democrats. We must step up NOW. All contributions you make to this post to save our President’s Majority will be 4X matched.

The situation is dire:

* Democrats are focused on taking control of Congress – they are raising millions from their progressive supporters to defeat our majority and end our Making America Great Again Agenda.

* Democrat Senate candidates are raising money at a historic fundraising pace. If this continues, our candidates could be drowned in negative and misleading ads.

* The mainstream media is not on our side. They are promoting narratives that hurt our chances.

These three things could cause us to lose President Trump’s Majority in November. This would be a disaster. This would be the end to our Making America Great Again agenda. The Democrats would be able to repeal our tax reforms, they could prevent our regulatory reforms, and they could halt President Trump’s conservative judicial nominations.

We can prevent the Democrats from winning, but we need your support NOW.  We have been authorized to 4X match all contributions to this post to help us catch up.

Everything we have worked for is on the line. Will you step up to make a difference?

Thank you!
Senate Republicans

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