Friend, I just received an urgent notice from Senate Republicans, and I knew I had to reach out to you immediately.

The Republican Senate Majority has fought side-by-side with my father since he was elected, but now Democrats are EXTREMELY close to capturing the Majority. The End of Month deadline is 2 days away, and if they miss their deadline, it could be over.

Rush a 5X-MATCHED donation now and help Republicans reach their goal.

I want to share the urgent update I received:

  • Republicans are defending 10 of the 12 MOST competitive races.
  • Democrats only need FOUR seats to capture the Senate.
  • Democrats have moved up the polls in THREE must-win battleground states.
  • Michael Bloomberg pledged to spend $1 billion and George Soros just cut a check to Democrats for $28 million.
  • Chuck Schumer’s Super PAC already spent $70 million attacking Republicans in battleground states

The numbers are NOT working in our favor, Friend. Neither is the liberal media.

I’m afraid if patriots like you don’t step up to the plate and help defend my father’s the Senate Majority, we could be looking at a scary outcome on Election Day. Don’t let that happen – chip in before midnight tonight and your gift will be 5x-matched!

My father and his Senate allies have already delivered wins for EVERY American, but there is so much more we can do with four more years of Keeping America Great. Unfortunately, if Republicans miss this vital goal and lose the Senate, the next four years could look a lot different.

Please don’t surrender the future of our country to radical Democrats like Chuck Schumer and his cronies. Make a 5x-matched donation to my father’s Senate allies and help them reach their April goal.


Thank you,

Donald Trump Jr.



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