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| Eric Trump

Three quick things


Here’s a quick update on where things stand right now:

  • The Left is uniting behind Sleepy Joe Biden – they want NOTHING MORE than to see my dad and his allies lose the White House and Senate in November!
  • Momentum on the Left is building – their base has NEVER been more engaged.
  • In critical battleground states, Chuck Schumer and liberal dark money groups are spending MILLIONS to shore up Democrats’ chances of flipping 4 SENATE SEATS to take back the Majority.
  • And most importantly, we have a HUGE fundraising deadline in 3 DAYS! 

My dad’s America First Agenda depends on Republicans holding a STRONG Senate Majority in November! If YOU want to Keep America Great, help Senate Republicans reach their goal. 5X-MATCH UNLOCKED. Chip in before 11:59PM deadline >>

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It’s never been more important to protect Republicans and the Senate Majority. The future of our country is at stake! Make 5X the IMPACT before our deadline runs out to rush resources to help Republicans WIN in battleground states.

Thanks again for all that you do support our fight.

Eric Trump