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Trump’s Majority is in jeopardy.


We need your help. Democrats are raising money at a torrid pace, and we only have a few days left to close the gap. We have to raise $211,860 before October 31st or else our fantastic conservative candidates may not have the resources they need to defeat their liberal opponents.

This situation is so important that we are 5X matching all donations from now until October 31st.

If you don’t stand with us now, we could very well be looking at a Congress controlled by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi after Election Day. Contribute immediately to help us meet this crucial fundraising deadline!

Chip in before MIDNIGHT on October 31st to have your donation 5X MATCHED:

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Democrats are spending millions to run dishonest attack ads against our fantastic Republican candidates in battleground states. We need to close the fundraising gap now to make sure conservative candidates have the resources they need to push back against the radical left!

We need your help before it’s too late! Donate immediately to stop Chuck Schumer and the liberal establishment from capturing the majority.

Thanks for helping defend our Republican Majority!

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