| Sami Gilkes

We Need Your Help

Alerting All Grassroots Conservatives!

Today: You can make a 5X-Matched Donation >>>

Right now, Democrats have an overwhelming fundraising advantage over Republicans. We must even the odds by reducing the fundraising gap; otherwise, Republicans risk losing our majority in the Senate. Chip in now to defend the Republican Majority!

President Trump and Senate Republicans are counting on you to secure our majority in the Senate. This is such a pivotal moment for the conservative movement that a group of generous supporters pledged to 5X-match all donations made today.

Democrats are confident in their fundraising advantage. They’re counting on it to make up for their terrible record on the economy and shameful obstructionism. We HAVE to deny them this strategic advantage! Please contribute whatever amount you can spare.

Your support is essential to preventing Chuck Schumer and the Democrats from taking control of the Senate this November.

Thanks for standing with us.