Blog Post
| Donald Trump, Jr.

You won’t get another chance


The fight for the White House, the Senate, and the future of our country is happening RIGHT NOW. The biggest deadline so far is just 3 days away, and you have STILL not stepped up this month.

The FEC End of Quarter deadline is almost here. My father’s Senate allies are trailing their leftist opponents. I am personally activating our 5x matching program, so EVERY contribution that comes through this email will be matched by a generous group of donors.

Rush a 500% matched donation before 11:59 PM tonight.

If you don’t think this is a battle for the heart and soul of our country, you haven’t been paying attention. Just this month:

  • The liberal media tried to censor a Republican Senator for writing an op-ed calling for law and order
  • Anarchists in Seattle sealed off 6 blocks in Seattle and threw glass bottles and rocks at police
  • Democrats are calling to DEFUND and ABOLISH the police across the nation

Democrats are only 4 seats away from implementing their dangerous agenda. It is essential Republicans meet this End of Quarter goal so we can hold the White House and Senate. Rush a 5x-matched donation before midnight tonight.

This deadline is a make or break moment. Democrats are mobilizing their left-wing base is mobilized. They are trying to build momentum to overthrow our Republican Senate Majority.

I am asking you personally. Join this fight and contribute before the End of Quarter deadline or we will see the terrible results on Election Day. Make a 5x-matched donation now >>

Thank you,

Donald Trump Jr.