| plindgren

✈ Joyride John Hits Turbulence

Last night, The Denver Post reported on a newly revealed trip John Hickenlooper took to a private dinner using Colorado’s state plane and paid for using the federal post-9/11 economic recovery fund he’s raided for other expenses like a $13,000 legacy website and his $525/hour lawyer.

On July 29, 2016, Hickenlooper used the state plane to attend a private dinner with his wife at a home in Aspen. Hickenlooper’s office went on to pay for the flight using taxpayer dollars.

“John Hickenlooper’s use of taxpayer dollars intended for ‘essential services’ to jetset to Aspen for a fancy dinner is disgusting,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “As Colorado faces an unprecedented crisis, it’s clear Hickenlooper has no shame for the tens of thousands of dollars he frivolously wasted on items that were only essential to his personal life.”

The Denver Post Editorial Board endorsed bipartisan calls for the post-9/11 economic recovery fund to be audited. Democrats in the Colorado state legislature, including a Representative whose daughter works for Hickenlooper’s campaign, have refused to allow the audit to move forward.