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The Bureau of Economic Analysis’ report out today shows that the GDP is growing at 4.1%, the best pace in four years and a testimony that the American economy is booming under President Trump.

After months of positive news, including unemployment at a 50-year low and American economic optimism continuing to rise, today’s better than expected GDP number is yet another promise kept by the Senate majority and President Trump to get the economy working for hardworking Americans across the country. The era of economic prosperity ushered in by the GOP tax cuts is just beginning, and will be fresh on the mind of voters as the midterm elections approach.

How will red state Democrats explain the historic 4.1% growth after their votes against the tax cuts that are driving the economic surge, and when the far left is lamenting President Trump’s policies as Armageddon? As the midterms near, it’s clear Democrats will be desperate to talk about anything but Trump’s booming economy.