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Air Claire ground crew helps McCaskill out of a jam

The Air Claire ground crew is always ready and willing to provide an assist.

This weekend, as McCaskill’s RV was navigating its way out of a tight parking spot, the Air Claire ground crew was on hand to help guide her out safely. McCaskill, however seemed less than grateful, speeding off without so much as a thank you! It’s unclear what made McCaskill so upset, but all this happened just after a man in a suit and top hat attempted to deliver $131 million in federal subsidies for McCaskill’s husband.

Click HERE to watch the Air Claire ground crew in action.

“Claire McCaskill isn’t used to traveling on the roads with ‘normal people,’ so for safety’s sake, the Air Claire ground crew is always happy to lend a hand,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “It can be tough navigating between McCaskill’s private plane and campaign events, but teamwork makes the dream work!”