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anti-gun billionaire to the rescue

Despite his desperate attempts to portray himself as pro-Second Amendment, Phil Bredesen is ready to sidle up to the left’s chief gun-grabber, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to score some extra campaign cash.

Bloomberg, the founder of the leading anti-gun special interest group in the country, is set to hold a high-dollar fundraiser next week for Bredesen in Bredesen’s home state of New York.

It’s going to be awkward when Phony Phil has to explain his new donor’s aggressive anti-Second Amendment history to Tennessee voters. According to the Washington Post, Bloomberg has “spent millions of dollars through his super PAC…to support pro-gun control candidates,” and was one of “the first to push for a debate about revamping the nation’s gun control laws.”

It’s no wonder the NRA endorsed Marsha Blackburn and gave Bredesen a D-rating.

“This is a good reminder that Phil Bredesen will sell out Tennessee values in a heartbeat if it means some extra campaign cash,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Tennesseans want a Senator who will stand up for their Second Amendment rights and Bredesen’s upcoming fundraiser shows his support for their values is up for sale to the highest bidder.”