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Last week, Sherrod Brown had the best idea of his entire 40-plus year career in politics, proposing to devote an entire debate with Rep. Jim Renacci to a discussion of the GOP tax cuts. But after Renacci eagerly accepted, Brown’s team went into damage control, attempting to backtrack on their boss’s invitation.

It’s no surprise that Brown’s handlers are terrified at the prospect of a debate centered on the tax cuts. Since President Trump signed the bill, of which Renacci was one of the primary architects, Ohioans have already seen the benefits in the form of higher paychecks, bonuses and business expansion. And with the economy booming, with 4.1% growth last quarter, Brown’s vote against the tax cuts is becoming more indefensible by the day.

So will Sherrod Brown make good on his debate proposal and attempt to explain to Ohioans why he voted against the tax cuts that have put more money in their pockets and revitalized the economy?