The Nightmare Reality If Barnes Won in November

Washington, D.C. – Mandela Barnes is the Democrat candidate for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seat and is far too liberal for the Badger State. To prove it, we will show you just how Wisconsin would look under the Barnes Brigade. 

Today’s reminder is that Mandela Barnes and his brigade of liberal supporters would make the Badger State soft on crime. Just take a look at his record:

  • As a state legislator, he introduced legislation to eliminate prosecutors’ ability to keep dangerous people in custody.
  • He refuses to oppose defunding the police.
  • He called Socialist Squad member and defund the police advocate Ilhan Omar ‘brilliant.’
  • He received the endorsement of far-Left dark money group Citizen Action of Wisconsin, whose platform includes eliminating incarceration based on the inability to pay punishment fees and fines, decriminalizing all drug and voluntary adult sex work, ending Qualified Immunity from civil lawsuits for police officers and police departments, eliminating gang databases and related information sharing, and banning local law and state law enforcement from cooperating with ICE or any other federal immigration authorities.
  • He supports abolishing ICE. 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Barnes and his brigade are far too liberal for Wisconsinites. Their soft on crime positions will put the Badger State in danger and make their communities less safe. Just look at their dangerous record! Wisconsinites can’t afford to have someone like that as their senator and will be sure it doesn’t happen in November.”


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