Washington, D.C. – Today, President Joe Biden is in Illinois to tout his “Build Back Better” plan, but don’t let the alliteration confuse you. In reality it just means ‘more government and more spending,’ which seems to be Joe Biden and Senate Democrats’ answer to everything. But let’s not forget what goes up must come down, what is spent must be paid for. And who is going to be left to pay the tab? American families.

While millions of Americans struggle with the consequences of the Administration’s failed economic policies such as inflation surging, gas prices rising, getting crowded out of the housing market, and having trouble affording groceries, the Administration can only see one way out…spend more to distract from the mess already created. But Americans aren’t buying it and even some Democrats, like Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.), are taking note: “There’s this ‘I’ word out there that’s called inflation.”

In Illinois today, will President Biden address the rising inflation, outrageous government incentives, and the almost $30 Trillion dollars in debt due to his Administration’s senseless spending plans?

Don’t count on it.

Statement for NRSC Spokeswoman Priscilla Ivasco: “No punchy slogan can overshadow the disaster that is the Biden-Harris Administration’s plan for America. It’s purely systemic socialism. Democrats want more government control no matter how much they have to spend to get there and their economic policies are leaving American taxpayers with a burdensome tab to pay. Instead of focusing on paying down the debt, getting businesses back open and creating jobs, Bidenomics is more focused on spending, spending and well MORE spending. Unfortunately for American families across the country, it is impacting their day-to-day cost of living. Will Senate Democrats like Tammy Duckworth make their voices heard and side with hardworking American families?”


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