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Bill Nelson must decide

In news that should shock absolutely no one, Governor Rick Scott remains the undisputed winner after the completion of the machine recount.

And the future doesn’t bode well for Bill Nelson. His own lawyer, Marc Elias, previously stated that margins smaller than Nelson’s were “insurmountable.”

Politico said, “Nelson has two major problems, experts say: Nelson’s lawsuits were filed so late … and the margin he trails Scott by is so big… makes it highly unlikely that Nelson could make up enough ground.” And, “It’s a rabbit out of a hat. But there’s not enough rabbit.”

CNN also doubted Nelson’s ability to win stating, “Nelson needs a miracle,” and “Very few recounts actually turn losers into winners.”

Now, Bill Nelson must come to grip with reality and make a decision. Does he want to leave office with the little dignity he has left or only be remembered as a sore loser who wasted the state’s time and money?