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Billboard-On-Wheels Ties Doug Jones To Socialist Presidential Candidates

A new billboard-on-wheels by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) will be circling Doug Jones campaign kickoff event today in Birmingham. The mobile billboard features Jones alongside presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, reminding Alabama voters that Doug Jones pledged to support whoever the Democrats nominate for president.


Jones is a committed anti-Trump Democrat, who told a crowd earlier this year that “whatever we’re going to do, we will end up supporting the nominee.” The new mobile billboard will be circling B&A Warehouse in Birmingham, where Jones will be holding his campaign kickoff.


“Anti-Trump Democrat Doug Jones puts the interests of the most liberal and socialist members of his party ahead of his constituents,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Rather than standing for the principles and priorities of Alabama families, Jones has pledged his support to the extreme candidates in his party running for president.”


The NRSC put up two billboards in August highlighting Jones’ support for any of the extreme and socialist candidates for president. In July, the NRSC released a new video, titled “Clowns,” reminding Alabama voters that Jones is willing to support any of the candidates on the Democratic presidential debate stage.


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