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Bob Casey joins the #resistance

Remember the old days when Bob Casey pretended to be a moderate (even if his record never really matched the branding)? Well Casey has officially stopped pretending to be anything but the extreme liberal he has always been.

This Sunday, Casey is addressing a radical left-wing group in Philadelphia at an event called “Senator Bob Casey – Moving the Resistance Forward.” Since November, when President Trump became the first Republican presidential nominee in 28 years to win the Keystone State, Casey has not been shy about his new, liberal persona, even earning the label “aggressive progressive.” Pennsylvanians are noticing that the politician who asked for their vote as a moderate has embraced the far-left #resistance. (And so has the NRSC! Click HERE to watch our ad on the subject.)

“While it’s refreshing that Bob Casey is finally being honest about his far-left ideology, his new ‘aggressive progressive’ persona is unlikely to go over well with Pennsylvania voters,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Instead of making speeches to the #resistance, Bob Casey should be working to get things done for Pennsylvanians.”