Press Release
| Katie Martin


Despite Democrats’ insistence that GOP tax cuts would hurt small businesses, cause Armageddon and even cost people their lives, the opposite is turning out to be true.

A new survey revealed that a record number of small business owners are looking to grow their businesses and hire more workers. This information comes on top of reports showing the economy is booming. Record low unemployment numbers, GDP growth and economic optimism are proving Democrats’ universal opposition to tax cuts was nothing but a partisan stunt. Now that the law’s benefits are clear, will Democrats admit they were wrong, or will they double down on their efforts to repeal the tax cuts saving Americans money?

“Senate Democrats are going to have a tough time explaining why they sold out their hardworking constituents to vote against the tax cuts,” said NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin. “As voters across the country continue to see bigger paychecks and a booming economy, they will be reminded their Democratic Senator failed to do what was best for them.”