| Joanna Rodriguez

BREAKING: DSCC Boosted Hickenlooper’s Senate Launch With Campaign Cash

A new report out from Politico this morning shows just how far national Democrats were willing to go to push John Hickenlooper into the Colorado Senate race:

  • The DSCC has spent more than $280,000 in coordinated campaign funds to boost Hickenlooper in the weeks surrounding his campaign launch — far exceeding  what it has spent in coordinated funds in other states.
  • The early spending included nearly $138,000 to a direct mail consulting firm, nearly $45,000 to a second consulting firm, and more than $20,000 to two consultants who later joined Hickenlooper’s campaign staff just weeks after he launched his campaign. The two organizations had both done work for Hickenlooper’s presidential campaign earlier this year but had not been paid by his Senate campaign in the third quarter.

“It’s pathetic how far national Democrats have gone to buy John Hickenlooper a consolation prize after his failed presidential run,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “This early, significant investment – in a candidate under a state ethics investigation and under fire for funneling taxpayer dollars to a long-time donor to defend him – shows how worried Democrats are about this race.”

At least Hickenlooper tried to warn them when he spent months saying himself he’s “not cut out to be a Senator.” Read the full story here.