Phil Bredesen is getting desperate. Facing intense pressure from his opponent, Marsha Blackburn, Bredesen is trying to reverse decades of liberal positions on taxes and pull the wool over the eyes of Tennessee voters.

Despite the GOP tax cuts saving hardworking Tennesseans thousands of dollars and spurring a rash of Tennessee businesses to dole out bonuses, hire more workers and increase wages, Bredesen joined with Nancy Pelosi to dismiss the economic benefits as “crumbs.” And Bredesen has a long history of supporting higher taxes, raising taxes and fees on Tennesseans by $1 billion during his time as Governor.

But facing steep electoral odds in a state President Trump won by 26 points, Bredesen is changing his tune, desperately claiming he now “support(s) tax cuts that help the average Tennessean…”

Tennesseans shouldn’t take Bredesen’s change of heart as anything more than phony political rhetoric, especially considering the man who handpicked him to run for the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, has promised to repeal the tax cuts responsible for Tennesseans keeping more of their hard-earned cash.

“As a tool of Chuck Schumer, Tennesseans know they can’t trust Phil Bredesen to protect their tax cuts,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Bredesen made his feelings about folks saving more money crystal clear when he called the extra cash making a difference in their lives ‘crumbs’ and voters won’t forget that anytime soon.”

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