Press Release
| Michael McAdams

Bredesen hit with three Pinocchios

The Washington Post’s fact checker slammed Phil Bredesen, giving him three Pinnocchios for his misleading comments on the meth epidemic that took off during his tenure as Tennessee’s Governor.

Bredesen’s claim that meth incidents were “cut in half,” turns out to be nothing but hot air from Tennessee’s phoniest politician. The Washington Post’s fact checker matter-of-factly rejected Bredesen’s lie, writing “the fact is Tennessee’s meth problem was not ‘cut in half’ under his watch.”

Bredesen’s latest lie is part of a troubling pattern of misleading statements. Earlier in the campaign, he told voters “he would not be contributing any personal money into his race.” Yet this week, it was revealed he has given his campaign two seven-figure loans. Tennesseans are quickly learning they can’t trust a word he says.