Washington, D.C. – The opioid epidemic has hit Nevada hard, and nearly everyone knows someone who has been directly impacted by its devastating effects. 

In an act of clear desperation, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has not only used the issue as a political football in an ad but got caught lying too. 

According to the Washington Post, Cortez Masto’s allegations against Adam Laxalt were not true, and the original ad had to be pulled from the airwaves. The Washington Post fact-checker gave Cortez Masto a whopping 7 Pinocchios for her false claims – 4 for the original ad, which was pulled off the air, and 3 for the ad that replaced it. Still false, but only slightly less so. 

How low will Cortez Masto go to keep her Senate seat?  It appears pretty low…

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Everyone wants the opioid epidemic to come to an end.  Adam Laxalt’s record of taking on opioid manufacturers is unparalleled, and Nevadans know this. Catherine Cortez Masto’s panicked attempt to lie about Laxalt’s record by using such a sensitive issue is evidence enough that she cares more about politics than the people of Nevada.”


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