Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Senator Thom Tillis released a new plan today to get North Carolina through the COVID-19 pandemic better and stronger than ever, including ideas to protect and create jobs. This is on top of the work that he’s already done to support the Paycheck Protection Program, which has saved over one million North Carolina jobs.

But Cal Cunningham criticized PPP, even though the company he worked at for over seven years used a PPP loan to stay afloat. Today, the NRSC released a new video and website redirect,, highlighting Cunningham’s partisan hypocrisy.

Watch the new video here.

“While Thom Tillis fought tirelessly to protect and help create North Carolina jobs, Cal Cunningham was criticizing the bipartisan program that saved over one million jobs in the state, including 115 at the company where he worked as an executive,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Whether it is by raising taxes or criticizing the Paycheck Protection Program, Cunningham’s willingness to do or say whatever his liberal handlers demand will put North Carolina jobs and livelihoods at risk.”


Narrator: “When COVID-19 hit, the Paycheck Protection Program saved over 1 million North Carolina jobs, but Cal Cunningham attacked the program for political points, while his company took money from it.

“Cal Cunningham – always calculating what’s best for himself, not North Carolina.”