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camera shy?

Claire McCaskill loves to crow about her town hall meetings. But with the election quickly approaching, it seems McCaskill is getting a bit shy about letting Missourians hear what she has to say.

Yesterday in Kansas City, McCaskill held an event at a public library advertised as a “Town hall meeting with US Senator Claire McCaskill” that was open to the public. But when McCaskill walked out to begin the event and spotted a camera, she quickly walked back to talk to organizers who then announced that no filming would be permitted, despite acknowledging that members of the public were welcome at the event.

When confronted after the event about why she was no longer allowing filming at her public town halls, McCaskill hurried to a waiting car which whisked her away to her private plane to carry her back east. Perhaps McCaskill wants to avoid getting caught saying things like she was “physically ill” when she learned President Trump would appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Or that it was “good news” that dark money groups were helping her. Or that she “can’t take anything from a lobbyist,” despite being the 3rd largest recipient of lobbyist cash. Or that she can’t find volunteers and her campaign offices “feel depressing.” Or…well you get the idea.

Click HERE to watch the newly camera shy Claire McCaskill ban filming at a public event.