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can’t get enough

Claire McCaskill got some unwelcome news this morning as the chairman of the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm, Senator Chris Van Hollen, said Senate Democrats would “welcome support” from failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

Van Hollen must have forgotten about Clinton’s abysmal showing in Missouri, where voters soundly rejected her candidacy and she remains historically unpopular. Clinton’s arrival in Missouri would be devastating to McCaskill’s campaign and serve as a stark reminder that she doesn’t stand for them.

So will McCaskill, who vocally backed Clinton’s disastrous campaign, welcome Hillary to Missouri? Or will she pretend as if she never supported Clinton’s train wreck of a presidential campaign?

“Red state Democrats’ infatuation with the Clintons will be catastrophic for their electoral prospects,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “With Hillary hitting the campaign trail, Missouri voters are going to be reminded day in and day out of her toxic agenda and why they rejected the left-wing ideas Claire McCaskill enthusiastically backed.”