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can’t trust a word he says

Does Phil Bredesen really believe Tennesseans buy his phony political posturing that he’s “undecided” on supporting New York liberal Chuck Schumer? Bredesen made the audacious claim in an interview with the Washington Post, where he desperately attempts to distance himself from Schumer and Washington liberals.

Unfortunately for Bredesen, money talks louder than empty rhetoric, and Tennesseans should fully expect Bredesen to support Schumer and his policies. After all, Bredesen was “courted personally” by Schumer for the Senate seat and the Schumer-aligned Senate Majority PAC has booked more than $2 million in ads on his behalf.

Bredesen’s new claim should carry as much weight as his previous promise that “he would not be contributing any personal money into his race.” And we all know how that’s turned out…