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cat got your tongue?

Campaigns have changed over the course of Bill Nelson’s time as a politician. A lot is different in 2017 from what it was in 1972 when he was in the state legislature.

During his time in office we have seen 9 different presidential administrations, the first woman astronaut in space, and we’ve watched Britney Spears come full circle from breakdown to recovery with a sick show in Vegas.

Long story short – Nelson has been in office for quite a while. But while campaigns have changed, one thing that hasn’t in politics is speaking out when someone is wrong. So why hasn’t Bill Nelson weighed in on the new Florida Democratic Party’s Executive Director’s offensive comments?

Does Nelson agree with Sally Boynton Brown’s comment, which was reported on by the Miami New Times, that low income voters are just “emotional beings” who don’t care about the issues?

Why hasn’t Nelson, the only statewide Democratic office holder, weighed in?