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Chairman Gardner: Rosendale Would Be A “Game Changer” For Montana

NRSC Chairman Senator Cory Gardner took to the airwaves in Montana this morning for an interview with Montana talk radio’s Aaron Flint to get out the vote for Matt Rosendale and to promote his victory bus tour.

Chairman Gardner reminded Montanans that Senator Tester has taken more money from lobbyists than anyone in the Senate, and asked Montanans a simple question: “It’s pretty clear that Washington D.C. loves Jon Tester. Now the question is, do we want somebody Washington D.C. loves or somebody Montana loves?”

Gardner continued saying that electing Matt Rosendale would be a “game changer” for Montana values.

“Matt Rosendale’s going to defend our Second Amendment rights, he’s going to defend our western values, he’s going to protect our public lands, he’s going to get government out of the way and he’s going to make sure Montana has the brightest future in the Rocky Mountain west,” Chairman Garner said before encouraging Montanans to get to the polls because winning requires us to make sure we “get out every vote.”

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