Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Chickenlooper Must’ve Been in the #WindowlessBasement

Hickenlooper’s troubles with his liberal base just aren’t going away. “Chickenlooper,” as he was dubbed this weekend, was a no-show at a liberal grassroots event that featured every other Democratic primary candidate.



Hickenlooper’s absence followed Friday’s release of explosive audio from a fellow Chuck Schumer recruit that said DSCC-preferred candidates are trapped in a “windowless basement” fundraising and not meeting with voters in their states.

“In order to secure the DSCC endorsement, John Hickenlooper had to agree to spend the majority of his campaign hiding from voters in Chuck Schumer’s #WindowlessBasement,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “The truth is out now, and it’s going to take a lot more than hiding in the DSCC basement for Hickenlooper to avoid his Party’s toxic socialist agenda and angry base.”