Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Come out of the basement, Cal: SEXTING EDITION

Cal Cunningham is coming out of Chuck Schumer’s “windowless basement” for a Facebook Live townhall this afternoon – his first public appearance since he confessed to “extramarital sexting” with the wife of a combat soldier.

The townhall comes just as The National File, which first broke Cunningham’s naughty text messages last week, is also reporting on a claim Cunningham has a second mistress with whom he’s been carrying on an affair since 2012.

Cunningham has centered his entire campaign around duty and honor. North Carolinians deserve answers to judge whether he is fit for office.

  • Cunningham admitted to sexting the wife of a combat soldier – now veteran – as recently as July and alluded to knowing her for years. Did a sexual, physical relationship also occur? If so, when did it begin and when was the last time they saw each other?
  • Given Cunningham’s rank as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves, could Cunningham face court martial for violating Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice?
  • Are there more women with whom he’s had extramarital romantic relationships? If so, how many?
  • Were any campaign resources from Cunningham’s lieutenant governor or U.S. Senate campaigns – including fundraising travel or “meetings” – used to facilitate any of his affairs?
  • Cunningham recently invited cameras into his home for a sit-down interview with himself and his wife and has made “duty” and “honor” central to his candidacy. Were all those intentional, calculated efforts to distract from his personal misconduct?