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It’s a new week but Bill Nelson is still twisting himself into knots over Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In fundraising emails, Bill Nelson is now attacking Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a “right-wing extremist” after initially promising to withhold judgement until meeting with Judge Kavanaugh, which was right after he said he expected to oppose the President’s pick—before anyone was named.

And don’t forget sometime in between all these comments he was “unable” to answer questions on Judge Kavanaugh because he lost his voice.

Bill Nelson is in a tough position…and he knows it.

“It’s clear that Bill Nelson is in a tough spot and is confused about what to do about it,” said Camille Gallo NRSC Spokesperson. “But time is ticking and Floridians deserve to know whether Bill Nelson will support Judge Brett Kavanaugh or obstruct a qualified nominee again.”