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* crickets *

Tammy Baldwin is refusing to answer how she’ll pay for her “single-payer” $32 trillion government takeover of the U.S. health care system. Tammy Baldwin signed onto Bernie Sanders’ extreme “Medicare For All” proposal last year and admitted that forcing Americans into government-run health care has been “a long position” of hers.

But a year later, and Baldwin still won’t tell voters how she plans to pay for it. Over the weekend, the Wisconsin State Journal asked Senator Baldwin to shed some light on how she’d have Wisconsin pay for her radical plan, and her campaign responded with, you guessed it…  total crickets.

Reporter Mark Sommerhauser writes, “Baldwin’s campaign, asked what options she would consider to pay for the plan, responded with a statement that didn’t address the question.”

I get it – running on a platform that includes forcing every single American off their health insurance and into government-run health care instead isn’t exactly a political winner. But with reports showing that even doubling federal taxes still wouldn’t cover the costs of “Medicare for All,” Tammy Baldwin needs to tell Wisconsin families and small businesses how she’d pay for her extremist plan.

“If Tammy Baldwin is going to mandate every single Wisconsin family give up their health insurance and force them to sign up for a $32 trillion government-run boondoggle instead, at the bare minimum she should tell Wisconsin families how much more it’s going to cost them,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Senator Baldwin doesn’t want to answer even basic questions about how she’d foot the bill, because she knows it’s something Wisconsin families and small businesses just can’t afford.”