Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Cunningham’s Race to the Left in North Carolina Democratic Primary

First, Cal Cunningham called for the impeachment of President Trump. Now, Cunningham has joined Erica Smith incalling for a higher minimum wage.

Estimates show even a $15 federally-mandated minimum wage would cause North Carolina to lose over 330,000 jobs by 2021. But national Democrats from Cunningham and Smith’s party like Rashida Tlaib want to go even further and are calling for a $20 minimum wage.

“Our economy is booming as month after month we see strong job creation, wage increases, and historic low unemployment, yet Democrats like Cal Cunningham and Erica Smith are in a race to the left, running on a platform to eliminate hundreds of thousands of North Carolina jobs,” NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez said. “North Carolina families deserve a Senator who will fight for a strong economy, and it’s clear both Cal and Erica will only destroy our progress.”