| plindgren

Dallas Morning News Dem Primary Endorsement Snubs DSCC’s Hegar

The Dallas Morning News made its Democratic primary endorsements in the Texas Senate race – Royce West and Amanda Edwards. Their editorial did not do Chuck Schumer and the DSCC’s handpicked candidate Hollywood Hegar any favors:


“We worry that Hegar suffers from the same problem that dogged O’Rourke. Once you get past her surface story, it’s hard to decide where Hegar is coming from. She might hope to pivot to more moderate stances with Cornyn. Or she may shift left. Pinning her down is difficult.”


This take shouldn’t come as a surprise, given DSCC-endorsed candidates across the country are following the same playbook.


“Chuck Schumer and Washington Democrats are desperate to push Hollywood Hegar through her primary, but Texans aren’t buying what she’s selling,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “The truth is MJ Hegar won’t stand for Texans, she’ll take whatever positions will keep the money coming in from her liberal California and New York donors.”