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Kyrsten Sinema isn’t taking too kindly to having her radical record of protesting our troops exposed. After Martha McSally’s blistering first attack put Sinema’s campaign on defense, Sinema was forced to put out a new ad this morning grasping at straws and fabricating straight up lies to cover up the truth about her anti-military history.

Regardless of the makeover Sinema wants to give her record, these are the facts:

  • Sinema fully backed plans to shut down Luke Air Force Base which supports jobs for 85,000 Arizonans, and big cuts to military spending. (The Arizona Republic, 10/2/02)
  • Sinema supported plans to let the terrorists who attacked our nation off easy and argued for a “nonviolent” response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. (The Hill’s Ballot Box, 5/2/12)
  • Sinema joined an organization which said that military action is “an inappropriate response to terrorism.” (Arizona Alliance For Peaceful Justice, Accessed by Wayback Machine)
  • Between 2002 and 2003, Sinema organized more than 15 protests against our military, appearing at least once while wearing a pink tutu.(Sarah Muench, “Crow Has Eye On War Demonstrations,” ASU Web Devil, 3/26/03)
  • Sinema said there was a “great deal of fun in the anti-war movement” in the same outlandish op-ed where she also said “the real Saddam and Osama lovers were Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.” (Kyrsten Sinema, Op-Ed, “War Protesters Must Stay Loose,” The Arizona Republic, 2/1/03)
  • When the Phoenix VA Scandal broke out, Sinema wasn’t “livid.” She used it as a fundraising ploy for her own campaign. (Dan Nowicki, “Sinema Criticized For Soliciting Donations In VA Plea,” The Arizona Republic, 5/7/14)
  • Even worse? Sinema didn’t get tough on the VA. She voted to make it harder to fire VA employees who refuse to do their jobs. (Roll Call Vote #165, H.R. 1259, 3/16/17)

“Once again, Kyrsten Sinema is trying to lie her way out of her radical and dangerous record on national security,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “But Sinema’s desperate attempts to cover up her extremist past only show Arizonans they shouldn’t trust a single word she says.”