Press Release
| NRSC Communications

Democrats Hemorrhage Money To Elect Weak Candidates

Washington, D.C. – Last week, Democrat establishment-aligned outside groups were forced to bail out two more DSCC-backed candidates in their competitive Democratic primaries. Democrats have now spent nearly $51 million to date on lackluster candidates who are struggling to connect with voters.

“Democrat establishment groups and their dark money allies have been hemorrhaging money in an attempt to drag candidates across the finish line in their primaries,” said NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “The DSCC’s weak choice in candidates are being propped up by special interest groups and corporate money. These weaknesses will be on full display this fall as DSCC-backed candidates do everything in their power to avoid answering questions from voters and the press..”

The DSCC, their endorsed candidates, and outside groups backing their candidates in Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Texas and Kentucky have spent $51 million on TV advertising.

  • North Carolina: $14 million
  • Colorado: $6.9 million
  • Iowa: $9.6 million
  • Texas: $4 million
  • Kentucky: $16.4 million