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Democrats Liberal Wish List Escalates As Election Day Approaches

Washington, D.C. – As we get closer to Election Day, national Democrats have given voters a preview of their priorities if they ever flip the Senate. Chuck Schumer has said for months that “everything is on the table” as Democrats push their radical agenda, which includes eliminating the filibuster, expanding the court to add liberal judges, and adding new Democrat Senators by giving statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico. From CNN:

Asked first if he would support adding justices to the Supreme Court, then about getting rid of the filibuster, Schumer on Sunday night delivered the same message he gave to his caucus during a call the day before.

“We first have to win the majority, because if we don’t win the majority, these questions are all moot,” Schumer said, when asked about the filibuster. “But if we win the majority, everything is on the table.”

And Democrat Senators are encouraging candidates to hide their true motives until after Election Day because they fear how voters will respond. In Politico:

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) said that talking about payback is “totally crazy” given that an election is looming and that circumstances surrounding the court can always change by the time Democrats gain back power.

“Democrat Senate candidates have embraced Schumer’s radical wish-list and blackmail threats to voters if they don’t fall in line and give him power,” said NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “Schumer is clear: if Democrats take the Senate, he’ll defer to the most radical members of his party – including pseudo-House leader AOC – to completely restructure American democracy for the sole purpose of slamming through passage of the most extreme, partisan agenda in our nation’s history.”