Vice President Joe Biden is with “Retread” Ted Strickland this morning for a high-dollar fundraiser that’s closed to the public. With Strickland consistently struggling to meet his own fundraising goals, Biden’s help couldn’t come soon enough.

But many are curious – why is there no public event with the Vice President?

Perhaps it’s because Biden and Strickland don’t want to revisit the debacle from Biden’s 2008 campaign stop where he told an Ohioan, “no coal plants here in America.”

And the Democrats’ war on coal didn’t die there…

In recent days Retread Ted’s endorsed candidate for President – Hillary Clinton – declared on national television that she was going “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Both Biden and Clinton’s comments are in line with Strickland’s own position on coal. While in his “dream job” as President of the liberal Center For American Progress (CAP), Ted Strickland announced his support for the EPA Clean Power Plan. CAP went on to call coal a “dead man walking” and celebrated that the Clean Power Plan “speeds up the transition.”

Despite thousands of coal jobs throughout Ohio, Ted Strickland led a Washington special interest group devoted to putting those Ohioans out of work. Strickland is not backing down from the Democrats’ war on coal.

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