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dinner at Claire’s?

It’s restaurant week in our nation’s Capital, and that means that “normal people” can hop off their private planes and have an affordable meal at Claire McCaskill’s swanky Washington, DC restaurant at the exclusive City Center neighborhood.

For just $35, you can order a three-course meal at the McCaskill-owned Centrolina (try the pappardelle with chestnut, coq au vin ragu, sage and parmigiano…you won’t be disappointed). That price tag is an absolute bargain at a restaurant best known for its $14 Negroni cocktails and $350 bottles of wine. While you’re in the neighborhood be sure to stop by McCaskill’s $2.7 million condo above the Hermes and Gucci stores where you can reminisce about what it means to be a “daughter of rural Missouri.”

Bon appétit!