Washington, D.C. – We have said all along that Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman is in a race to the Left and the Left only. He made that even more abundantly clear yesterday, stating, “Democrats need to vote like Democrats” no matter what.

What does Conor Lamb think? Is that what Pennsylvanians want and need in their senator – a partisan mime just following the lead of the radical liberals that run today’s Democrat Party?

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Fetterman just parrots whatever liberal talking points the radicals who run the Democrat Party are pushing each day. His goal is to appease his party leaders in Washington – Schumer, Sanders, Pelosi and the Squad – not the people he is vying to represent. Does Conor Lamb agree with Fetterman’s approach on how to ‘represent’ the Keystone State or will he act for the good of Pennsylvanians over Washington Democrats?”


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