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This doesn’t make sense

Bill Nelson’s attempts to explain his alarming claim that Russia already penetrated some for Florida’s voter registration system still don’t make sense.

Remember, Bill Nelson’s exact words were that Russians “have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about.” He also said this was happening “right now” and that he could not comment any further because the information was “classified.”

In a new video, Bill Nelson is still trying desperately to tie his major accusation to a letter he sent back in July.  But this is where his explanation falls apart. The letter doesn’t say anything about Russia ALREADY being in the system, like Nelson claimed last week.

And now he’s refusing to say anything else about the explosive allegation, telling a reporter today that, “I’ve said it all.”

Not quite, Bill.

We still don’t have a thorough explanation of these accusations and questions are still unanswered. Did Nelson just make up the claim? And if not, why does he seem more comfortable with revealing classified information to the press than to appropriate state election officials?