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Editorial Boards across the country condemn Senate Dems, Part 2

More newspapers weighed in this weekend on Chuck Schumer’s ill-advised plan to filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and the message is clear: Judge Gorsuch is eminently qualified, and Senate Democrats’ opposition is purely political.

And now cracks have begun to form in Schumer’s conference, with Judiciary Committee Democrat Patrick Leahy announcing that he is not inclined to filibuster Gorsuch. It is becoming increasingly clear that if Red State Democrats choose to join Schumer’s filibuster attempt, they will be walking the plank, with only far left Washington Democrats behind them.

__Quad City Times: Editorial: Democrats can only lose by blocking Gorsuch__ – “Gorsuch is most certainly qualified. That’s enough to render Democrats guilty of the same crimes they’ve long railed against, should they follow through with the filibuster.”

__New Hampshire Union Leader: Editorial: Confirm Gorsuch: Dems plan pointless filibuster__ – “Gorsuch is a brilliant jurist with a remarkable ability to communicate complex legal theories in easily understood terms. He would be an excellent addition to the United States Supreme Court. But since he interprets the law as it is written, and not as Democrats wish it were, many Democratic senators will vote against Gorsuch. This should forever dispel the fiction that they ever really cared about the qualifications of Republican nominees.”

The Day: Editorial: Don’t filibuster Gorsuch Supreme Court vote – “Democratic Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York should abandon his push to filibuster the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch, both because it is not justified and because it would not succeed. Nothing revealed during Gorsuch’s 20 hours of testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and nothing that has been presented about his judicial background would suggest he is unprepared or unfit to take a seat on the high court.”

__Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Editorial: The wrong fight__ – “So the leadership among the minority party will filibuster this talented jurist who graduated from Columbia and was in Phi Beta Kappa, graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School, and earned a Ph.D from Oxford University in legal philosophy. Trying to say he is unqualified will only make the Democrats look silly or vindictive.”

__Goshen News: Editorial: Gorsuch should be confirmed by the Senate__ – “The hearings confirm that Gorsuch is imminently [sic] qualified, and there is nothing radical in his judicial history. But Democrats want the confirmation of this mainstream, accomplished nominee to be a demonstration of their resistance to President Donald Trump… Neil Gorsuch is heading to the Supreme Court. It’s unfortunate that he has to endure the congressional kangaroo court on his way.”

__Bergen Record: Editorial: Don’t block Neil Gorsuch__ – “Elections do have consequences, and voters supporting Trump knew he would appoint conservative jurists to the high court. There is nothing to suggest Gorsuch is unqualified to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court. And that should be the only question that matters.”